Venice, Italy

Welcome to our adventure around the world!

     Welcome to’s test post.  Our goal will be to update this site as often as possible with stories and pictures!  The adventure begins March 26, 2014!



4 thoughts on “Welcome to our adventure around the world!”

  1. I know I’m 2 days early, but I just want to let you know that I am eagerly anticipating your pictures dude lol. It was weird to come in this morning, and not see that white pick-up truck on the far end…..I don’t appreciate it lol. Have a good one homie :)

  2. Hey Richard, today is the day! I can’t wait to follow you guys!!! Best of luck on a trip of a life time… Enjoy to the fullest and keep us all posted. thanks! Stay safe on your journey!:)

  3. This is so exciting and I am so happy for you! I love travelling and it is fun to live a little vicariously thru you!

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