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Relaxing for a month in Chiang Mai, Thailand

After heading back to Phnom Penh, Cambodia we said goodbye to Bre as she headed to the airport and back home to Seattle. Our own journey would be continuing a bit longer. We took a flight to Chiang Mai, Thailand, for a much needed full month in one spot, no packing up and moving, no planning where we were going to be or stay or eat. We were finally able to relax and really get to know one place very well, and get caught up on this blog as well!

Chiang Rai, Thailand

After Singapore we were planning on heading into Laos, but we didn't want to fly directly there. We had read and heard about a two day riverboat from the Thai border and decided to check it out. So we flew back to Thailand instead to spend a day in the city of Chiang Rai near the Laos border. From there we could check out some of the sights in northern Thailand and arrange for boat tickets.

Koh Kradan – The Perfect Beach?

Koh Kradan, our last destination in Thailand before heading for Malaysia, and our last chance to find Thailand's perfect beach. Sitting just across the water from Koh Mook, for once our travel day was quite short and easy and hardly interrupted our busy schedule of relaxing on the beach at all. Thirty minutes by longtail and we found ourselves standing on a long gorgeous white sand beach. Uninterrupted sand stretching as far as we could see in either direction and the brightest blue green water either of us had ever seen. Could this finally be the perfect beach?

Koh Mook, Thailand – In Search Of The Perfect Beach

Still in search of Thailand's perfect beach we packed our bags and left our little beach bungalow on Koh Yao Noi behind. We headed to the closest pier to hop aboard the next longtail to the mainland, to continue our quest at our next island destination. We traveled further south and east towards Malaysia, to Thailand's Trang Islands, a promising archipelago of small picturesque isles. After some intense research, which included random pointing at a map and some light reading, we decided on the island of Koh Mook. There we hoped to find some striking towering rock cliffs, vibrant turquoise water, great snorkeling and of course our perfect beach.

The Island of Koh Yao Noi

After our first tropical island getaway we were excited to explore a few more islands over the next couple weeks in order to get a better idea of what Thailand's islands have to offer. Our next destination was the island of Koh Yao Noi, this time on the western side, or Andaman Sea side (that's the Indian Ocean side), of the Thai peninsula. So we boarded the high speed catamaran from Koh Tao to the mainland...

The Islands of Thailand – Koh Tao

Leaving the modern city of Bangkok, and all its malls and modern conveniences behind we boarded a night train heading south in order to catch a boat to the islands and beaches of southern Thailand. Our first destination, the beautiful white beaches and green jungle covered cliffs, and perfect turquoise water of Koh Tao. A place to soak up the sun, snorkel over the reefs and drink apparently sun shy beverages with tiny umbrellas on the beach.

A week in Bangkok, Thailand

After spending two weeks exploring Sri Lanka we boarded a plane to our next destination Bangkok, Thailand! We had been moving around fairly often in Sri Lanka, not spending more than two or three days in once place, so we decided we wanted to spend a week in one spot without moving and where better than Bangkok, an exciting city with tons to do! So we got on airbnb and booked a week at a great little apartment with pool and a view!