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Watching A Lion Hunt On Our Tanzanian Safari

Safaris are synonymous with Africa, so we couldn't visit Africa without going on one. And our Safari turned out to be one the most exciting activities we have done so far on this trip. We saw every animal we wanted to see as well as a lion and hyena hunt, our guide later told us we were exceptionally lucky, especially for a first time short budget safari!

Our Africa Adventure Begins! – Lushoto, Tanzania

After baking on the Arabian peninsula for a few days it was time to head to our next destination, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania in Africa. We first had a layover in Kigali Rwanda which turned out to be longer than we expected as our Rwandair flight to Tanzania had to return to Kigali due to technical issues (broken plane bits). After returning to Kigali and swapping our plane out for another we made a second, and this time successful attempt to reach Dar.