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Udaipur – The Venice of India

Udaipur, India, called the Venice of India, and the White City turned out to be the nicest city we visited in India. Beautiful white buildings and palaces along canals offering great views of the water and surrounding countryside. Great restaurants and cafes, many with rooftop views, and shopping can be found everywhere in a city of small winding streets choked with traffic. The city is very popular with tourists, both foreign and with a new generation of Indian tourists as well.

Jodhpur, India – The Blue City

After our tour of the Taj Mahal and celebrating Christmas in Agra we boarded another train west into the desert, to Rajasthan and the city of Jodhpur. Jodhpur, the blue city, has been the home of the Maharaja's of Rajasthan for centuries, and is home to one of the largest castles still surviving in Rajasthan. And we were just in time to visit for Maharaja's New Year's fireworks.

Hindu’s most holy city, Varanasi, India

With our Indian visas in hand, after our week long wait in Kathmandu, we arrived finally at the town of Sonauli on the border between India and Nepal. We were finally about to step foot into one of the countries we had been anticipating the most, India. We have bumped into many fellow world travelers along our journey and all who had traveled through India had stories to tell, some good some bad. We really weren't sure exactly what to expect, but we knew it would be unlike any other country we had been to before. Love it or hate it, we were about to experience the craziness that is India.