Sanqing Shan – Mountains In The Mist

From Wuyuan we took a bus to the city of Yushan, another speck on the map metropolis in China's burgeoning cities. Most maps we found of China don't even show it, but skyscraper condo towers and construction cranes dominate the skyline. As much of China's rural agrarian society leaves their old lives behind in favor of the fast paced city life, China's cities are growing by leaps and bounds and many maps have yet to reflect the rapid growth.

Hiking Through China’s Countryside – Wuyuan, China

After the hustle and bustle of lively modern Shanghai, we boarded a bus to Wuyuan, China for a tour of the countryside. The hills in Wuyuan County are dotted with ancient farming villages still connected by a network of cobble stone paved trails hundreds of years old. We spent three days hiking through the hills, and staying in tiny guesthouses in different villages, trying the local food and getting to see small town life in China.

Shanghai, China

After our full month of relaxing in one spot in Thailand, we packed again and off to our next country, China! We started our Chinese travels in the modern mega city of Shanghai. Shanghai is well known for its importance in Chinese history and its modern beautiful skyline, along the water. China would become our 25th country visited on this trip, as well as the last. Other than a long layover in Korea on the way home, China will be our last chance to actually explore a country, and get to know its people and culture.