Stockholm, Sweden

After spending nearly five months traveling through South America and relaxing in the sunny heat of Rio, it was finally time to leave South America to continue our adventure around the world, and that meant a flight to Stockholm, Sweden!

Colonial Brazil in Ouro Preto

After leaving the beaches of Ilha do Mel we headed back up into the mountains to the colonial town of Ouro Preto. Ouro Preto is not only one of the oldest towns in Brazil, but one of the largest well preserved colonial towns as well. Set in the hills north of Rio de Janeiro, this once important mining town is a collection of beautiful colonial buildings and winding streets wandering this way and that over the rolling hills.

Ilha do Mel, Island of Honey – Brazil

After traveling through the South American interior we finally arrived at the Atlantic Ocean! Our first site of it was at Ilha do Mel (Island of Honey) a popular vacation spot for Brazilians, however since we arrived in August which is during their winter, we enjoyed a nearly deserted tropical island get away, though we had to endure the frigid 70-80 degree Brazilian winter weather.